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We know how hard parenting can be. When I had my first kid I was a director of a child care center. I thought I had the whole kid thing down. I had a lot to learn. My child did not care, nor should he, that 100 other kids answered to me. He came out strong willed and tested the limits like I had never seen before. This started my quest to become the most effective parent possible. I studied, studied, studied, practiced, practiced and practiced some more. This FREE teleconference download contains some of the things that I have learned. I hope it helps you in your parenting journey.

Love and Logic®

Imagine knowing what to say and how to handle your strong willed child.  What would it be like to never get hooked in an argument again with your children?  We have helped thousands of parents gain confidence and create a more peaceful home.  We can help you too.  In this life-changing seminar, you will discover…

-How to help children take ownership of their own problems

-Tools that will allow you to eliminate arguing in the home

-How to get your children to act the first time

-How to help your children to take ownership and solve their own problems

-How to allow consequences to be the “bad guy” not you

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